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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Balloon Creations, personalised ribbons and more...

What a week.... it started with a busy wedding fair at Sundridge Park Manor although the rain did not stop and neither did my voice but hey ho whats a bit of rain and it did mean I didn't bend too many ears on Monday!

All day yesterday spent waiting for LBB secondary school results to be released happy to say it was worth the wait as my son got a good school option. But the last year has been like a roller coaster. The school selection process is definaltely on a par to getting married, buying a house and having a baby all wrapped into one.

Then most of today spent at Medway Hospital with my poorly husband so not much chocolate wrapping going on here today although know Lily's capable hands have wrapped and delivered a number of choccie bars this week.

New and just out ....our Extra Touches page is loaded and up for sale on our website

So if you fancy giving a fun twisted balloon creation or just adding personalised ribbons or hen night sashes just check it out!

BBC iPlayer here I come beats the England Football match any day... sorry guys.

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