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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Blues?

Well Christmas day has long gone and past and we now celebrate Boxing Day what does Boxing day mean to you?

To mean it means, tidying up a little read for the fun and games later, having a luxury bubble bath with no interruptions, spending time with my family and friends catching up with people we did not see on Christmas Day.

Lastly and especially for me today listening and watching my 3 children en joy playing with their presents and helping them set up their new Xbox Kinnect so here's hoping for lots of fun exercise, a few chocolates  and also lots of leftovers along, no cooking today along with a few celebratory drinks to wash it all down with...

My friend Becky over at Baby Budgeting has a great post this is a snippet of it 

Good King Wenceslas
Acccording to the carol (and legend) “Good King Wenceslas.” Wenceslas, who was Duke of Bohemia in the early 10th century, was looking out onto his land  on St. Stephen’s Day ,Dec. 26,when he saw a poor man gathering wood in a snbowstorm. The King gathered up food and wine and carried them through the blizzard to the poor mans door. The alms-giving tradition has always been closely associated with the Christmas season, but King Wenceslas’ good deed came the day after Christmas. Giving and gifting to the needy is closely tied in with most accounts of the reson for boxing day

my thanks to her for bothering to look it all up!

Also another blogging friend at GhostWriterMummy has created a linky so we can all share our own reasons to be cheerful on Boxing Day and not dwell on Boxing Day Blues.. 
why not add your post to her linky now?

Have a great Boxing Day. Emma x

Thursday, 23 December 2010

I've won the Mum Ultrprenuer prize...

Well I am truly bowled over today as some weeks ago I entered a competition that Susan Odev Mum Ultrapreneur ran - to choose a name for her 2nd book which is due to be launched next spring!

The winner was announced today and to my utter amazement my book title was chosen... WOW 

Her new book is to be called 

Mums mean business... 

thought of by me over a glass of wine or two!
Hope you like it? sure it will be a great success & I cannot wait to read it.

Her first book can be purchased on Amazon here

Please do like her facebook page here 

I am also regularly listen and tune into her Blog talk Radio radio shows where many business mums are interviewed and Susan shares her motivational views. 

I have really enjoyed the recent Sparkles series of interviews.

SPARKLES, in her first book stands for:

Self belief 

Can't wait to read my prize copy!

Happy Christmas to you all Emma x

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Festive Chocolate Greeting Video


Just had great fun entertaining my poorly 9 yo today as he is off school. With his help we created a Festive Christmas Video for Say it with Chocolate

I use 

Animoto - The End of Slideshows

 who are a fantastic video site, you can set up a Free site or take a paid upgrade for the version I use well worth it for about 30$ a year.

Why not give it a go and create your own.. ok now we are going to make one to send out to our friends and family around the world for Christmas!

Monday, 13 December 2010

My sons Christmas poem

My 9yo had the day off school today with a bug but he decided to write a Christmas poem and this is what he wrote..

Christmas to me means presents under the tree!
Reindeer prancing, Nanny dancing...
Lots to eat 
- chocolates, mince pies, turkey, stuffing - 
What a treat
Pulling crackers, silly hats
The Queens speech and Grandad took a nap!
More presents from Santa's sack
Lots and lots to unwrap
Watch some telly with a full belly
Then time for bed, I'm a sleepy head

Sebastian age 9

So proud of him just have to share!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Love Chocolate Love the Chocolate Festival

Chocolate Festival

 Fancy a day out at the Southbank this weekend?

Chocolate Festival Southbank

10 - 12 December

11am - 8pm on Friday
11am - 6pm Saturday & Sunday
Belvedere Road,
SE1 8XX,
Behind Royal Festival Hall
Free Admission

If you Love Chocolate and are in London this weekend why not pop to the Southbank and check out this FREE and unique event which gives visitors a special opportunity to enjoy a wide range of chocolate related products - as well as fine truffles, bars and bonbons, you will be able to buy savory food with chocolate, chocolate cakes, pancakes, ice cream, milkshakes and more.

Take a look at the timetable of events here...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Well this snow hasn't stopped us yet!

Even the ice and snow hasn't stopped us creating and delivering our personalised chocolates. However the UK did stop and still has in Scotland with all of us grinding to a halt and taking to the hills with our toboggans. 

This is a shot my hubby took of the M2 last week it took him 11 hours to get home!

In between tobogganing with my 3 children at the weekend I found time to create a little chocolate and sweetie party bag for my sons 9th birthday party much to his friends delight!

Tomorrow we are off to the last of our local fairs in Orpington to meet our Mother's and Baby's, cannot believe my youngest is nearly 7!