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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Blues?

Well Christmas day has long gone and past and we now celebrate Boxing Day what does Boxing day mean to you?

To mean it means, tidying up a little read for the fun and games later, having a luxury bubble bath with no interruptions, spending time with my family and friends catching up with people we did not see on Christmas Day.

Lastly and especially for me today listening and watching my 3 children en joy playing with their presents and helping them set up their new Xbox Kinnect so here's hoping for lots of fun exercise, a few chocolates  and also lots of leftovers along, no cooking today along with a few celebratory drinks to wash it all down with...

My friend Becky over at Baby Budgeting has a great post this is a snippet of it 

Good King Wenceslas
Acccording to the carol (and legend) “Good King Wenceslas.” Wenceslas, who was Duke of Bohemia in the early 10th century, was looking out onto his land  on St. Stephen’s Day ,Dec. 26,when he saw a poor man gathering wood in a snbowstorm. The King gathered up food and wine and carried them through the blizzard to the poor mans door. The alms-giving tradition has always been closely associated with the Christmas season, but King Wenceslas’ good deed came the day after Christmas. Giving and gifting to the needy is closely tied in with most accounts of the reson for boxing day

my thanks to her for bothering to look it all up!

Also another blogging friend at GhostWriterMummy has created a linky so we can all share our own reasons to be cheerful on Boxing Day and not dwell on Boxing Day Blues.. 
why not add your post to her linky now?

Have a great Boxing Day. Emma x

Thursday, 23 December 2010

I've won the Mum Ultrprenuer prize...

Well I am truly bowled over today as some weeks ago I entered a competition that Susan Odev Mum Ultrapreneur ran - to choose a name for her 2nd book which is due to be launched next spring!

The winner was announced today and to my utter amazement my book title was chosen... WOW 

Her new book is to be called 

Mums mean business... 

thought of by me over a glass of wine or two!
Hope you like it? sure it will be a great success & I cannot wait to read it.

Her first book can be purchased on Amazon here

Please do like her facebook page here 

I am also regularly listen and tune into her Blog talk Radio radio shows where many business mums are interviewed and Susan shares her motivational views. 

I have really enjoyed the recent Sparkles series of interviews.

SPARKLES, in her first book stands for:

Self belief 

Can't wait to read my prize copy!

Happy Christmas to you all Emma x

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Festive Chocolate Greeting Video


Just had great fun entertaining my poorly 9 yo today as he is off school. With his help we created a Festive Christmas Video for Say it with Chocolate

I use 

Animoto - The End of Slideshows

 who are a fantastic video site, you can set up a Free site or take a paid upgrade for the version I use well worth it for about 30$ a year.

Why not give it a go and create your own.. ok now we are going to make one to send out to our friends and family around the world for Christmas!

Monday, 13 December 2010

My sons Christmas poem

My 9yo had the day off school today with a bug but he decided to write a Christmas poem and this is what he wrote..

Christmas to me means presents under the tree!
Reindeer prancing, Nanny dancing...
Lots to eat 
- chocolates, mince pies, turkey, stuffing - 
What a treat
Pulling crackers, silly hats
The Queens speech and Grandad took a nap!
More presents from Santa's sack
Lots and lots to unwrap
Watch some telly with a full belly
Then time for bed, I'm a sleepy head

Sebastian age 9

So proud of him just have to share!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Love Chocolate Love the Chocolate Festival

Chocolate Festival

 Fancy a day out at the Southbank this weekend?

Chocolate Festival Southbank

10 - 12 December

11am - 8pm on Friday
11am - 6pm Saturday & Sunday
Belvedere Road,
SE1 8XX,
Behind Royal Festival Hall
Free Admission

If you Love Chocolate and are in London this weekend why not pop to the Southbank and check out this FREE and unique event which gives visitors a special opportunity to enjoy a wide range of chocolate related products - as well as fine truffles, bars and bonbons, you will be able to buy savory food with chocolate, chocolate cakes, pancakes, ice cream, milkshakes and more.

Take a look at the timetable of events here...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Well this snow hasn't stopped us yet!

Even the ice and snow hasn't stopped us creating and delivering our personalised chocolates. However the UK did stop and still has in Scotland with all of us grinding to a halt and taking to the hills with our toboggans. 

This is a shot my hubby took of the M2 last week it took him 11 hours to get home!

In between tobogganing with my 3 children at the weekend I found time to create a little chocolate and sweetie party bag for my sons 9th birthday party much to his friends delight!

Tomorrow we are off to the last of our local fairs in Orpington to meet our Mother's and Baby's, cannot believe my youngest is nearly 7!

Friday, 26 November 2010

A Crafty session making Chocolate Spoons

Becky a blogging friend of mine over at Baby Budgeting recently made chocolate spoons they look so good and are easy to make so I thought I would share her post and recipe with you all! 
Can't wait to try it out with my children. perfect for a snowy and have a hot chocolate themed chocolate spoon weekend!

Go to your local Pound store or supermarket and stock up on plastic spoons. Melt some chocolate in the microwave on 50% power for one minute Stir, and continue melting and checking every 10 seconds and stirring till its smooth. Dip spoons until generously covered with chocolate (a tiny bit fiddly to do …make sure its not too hot.)
Lay them on greaseproofpaeer cool down. You can jazz them up by rolling them in sprinkles or drizzling melted white chocolate on top.
Pop a couple of these with a little pack of hot chocolate in a celllophane and you have a gorgeous visiting gift ( or even a little Christmas gift – I’m thinking teachers, your neighbours, standby gifts etc.)
Happy creating!
(word of warning we ate all the spoons we made within half an hour of them setting…you get chocolate smeared all over your face so everyone knows too!!!)

Thanks for sharing with us Becky x

Monday, 22 November 2010

ChocoSpell at Farringtons Market

Lily making up our first ChocoSpell gift box for Leila at Farringtons School Market!

 A great market was enjoyed by all and I made some new twitter friends Jane and Regan from greatbritpantry  you can just see them on the stall next to us in this picture...

their tomato chilli relish was divine especially with my marmite sani's I took with me yummy and they equally enjoyed our organic fairtrade milk Chocolate tasters!

 Lily holding the fort while I took a few photos....

  Just for you Nanna... this was our last creation made up for a very special Nanna!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Just listed on 'New Wedding Directory'

We have just listed ourselves on a fabulous new wedding directory site...


Please have a look at the site and if you know anyone getting married or any wedding related businesses who might like to be listed do pass on as their special offer is still only 
£4.99 for a lifetime listing - great value!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

What an eventful week!

What a broken week it's been for me... 
 It started off with my 11 yo accidentally breaking the glass in my front door

Then our printer decided it wasn't going to talk to my Mac or Laptop so my husband had to give it a good talking too and now they are speaking to each other again :-) 

On Thursday my oven didn't like what I was cooking and set fire to itself... a very scary moment as flames shouted out but fortunately I remembered that flames need oxygen so I switch it off and closed the door! We had a few scary minutes while they died down luckily apart from a new element it all seems ok. 

My Mum was due to fly back from Lanzarote on Thursday the day of the awful winds 
but her airplane broke down, so my babysitter for Friday evening was not going to make it aaahhhh. 

On Friday morning my husband took our 11yo to the bus stop for school and got a blow out and so came home to borrow my car to get to work for the day.... 

 Lily holding the fort at the Christ church pamper and shopping evening in Chislehurst...
she saved the day and managed to organise her family and get to Christ Church for our fair and set up all on her own. Finally when I got my car back I was able to join her for the end of a very successful fair.

So my week really has been all broken!

These are our new ChocoSpell organic fairtrade Gift boxes which were loved by all...

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Booked my ticket for CyberMummy 2011

So excited as I have just booked my ticket for the CyberMummy 2011 conference next June. I attended the first conference this year and what a blogging conference it was.

So if you enjoy blogging or just want to find out more take a peek here and maybe I will see you at The Brewery next June..

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Another Chocolate recipe.... mmm

As it is Chocolate week this week I was asked by Diary of a (not so) single mum 
if I would like to send her a Chocolate recipe. I have so many favourites but as it is my husbands birthday this week I thought I would send in one of his favourites.

A trusted Delia Smith recipe  which I hope she doesn't mind me sharing that has been used over and over again! In fact my cookery book is looking a little worn and worse for wear.... so with no further ado here it is...

Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

You will need :

9 slice, each 1/4 inch (5mm) thick, good quality white bread, 1 day old, taken from a large loaf
5 oz (150g) dark continental chocolate with 75% cocoa solids
( of course I will be using our Chocolatier's delicious Organic Fairtrade chocolate when I make this later in the week!)
15 floz (425ml) whipping cream
4 tablespoons dark rum
4 oz (110g) caster sugar
3 oz (75g) butter
A good pinch cinnamon
3 x size 1 eggs

Shallow ovenproof dish 7 x 9 inches (18x23cm) x 2 inches (5cm) deep

Double cream, well chilled to serve

I am going to shorten the instructions as this is a really easy recipe, infact I'm sure you could work it out for yourself but just incase you need a little help...

  • Cut off crusts and cut each slice into 4 triangles
  • Place chocolate, whipping cream, rum , sugar, butter and cinnamon in bowl over saucepan of barely simmering water. Don't let the bowl touch the water, then wait for it all to melt and dissolve.
  • Remove the bowl and stir well.
  • In a separate bowl whisk the eggs and then blend with the chocolate mixture
  • Spoon 1/2 inch (1cm) layer of the chocolate mixture into your dish then place 1/2 the bread triangles in overlapping rows.
  • Pour 1/2 the remainder of the mixture over the and then add the second 1/2 of the bread triangles and finish off with the remainder of the chocolate mixture.
The hard part now is once you have smelt that chocolate it is very tempting to cook the pudding straight away but you know what the best things come to those who wait....

  • Allow to cool then cover the pudding with cling film and place in the fridge for a minimum of 24 hours ideally 48 hours if you can wait that long!  
  • Turn the oven on to gas mark 4, 350 degrees (180 degrees C)
  • Remove clingfilm and bake in the oven on a high shelf for 30-35 minutes, the top should be crunchy and the inside soft and squidgey.
  • Leave it to stand for 10 minutes before serving with well chilled double cream
♥ D E L I C I O U S  ♥  E N J O Y ♥

Friday, 8 October 2010

Inspiring business mums conference

Well this has been a really busy week.

I met 3 wonderful ladies who put it all together for us Business Mums, Antonia Chitty, Nicky Chisholm and Suzanne Borrell who orgnaised the first Business Mums Conference in Brighton...

Just wish I had booked into a hotel and stayed over as those shops looked so inviting but the conference was too good to miss must add to to do list for next years conference!

What people said about The Business Mums Conference 2010:

"Inspiration, advice, networking, fun – the best conference I have attended!"

" A great day out, a sense of belonging to a community of like minded people, lots of ideas how to move forward."

" Thank you so much for such a well organised event, well worth the money and time to attend."

The day just whizzed by with some fantastic speakers and networking over a glass of fizz and the divine ChocChick truffles.

I am not usually a lover of plain chocolate but if you are and fancy making your own do check John Lewis Bluewater who are soon to be stocking their chocolate kits. Infact I hope to get some on board as we are off to a number of fairs soon and I am sure they would make popular Xmas presents... must add this to my list.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Purple Haze fabulous Wedding Favours

Earlier in the Summer we made up a wrapper design for one of our brides with purple font as she wanted to over foil our chocolate in purple. 

We sent out her order like this...

Our bride has just sent us this  fabulous picture of her chocolate bars taken on her special wedding day which she over foiled in purple to match their theme. 

We think they look gorgeous and would like to thank her for also adding a review to our  Freeindex listing which now lists us as No 1 for the Chocolate category!!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Getting ready for Business Mums Conference #BMC2010

It's been a really busy few weeks as I had no internet for sometime a long story so I'm now catching up and lots of chocolate orders are flying out the door.

I will be posting the pictures soon but in the meantime I felt I had to show off our new Organic Fairtrade Belgian 10 gram Chocolate bars.

We finished making up a big box of our delicious hand made and hand wrapped Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate bars earlier today so if you are coming to the Business Mums Conference in Brighton next week on the 5th October do try you will find one in your goody bag just remember we wrapped each and every one!

We are launching our new site Chocospell Organic soon and you can either purchase our ChocoSpell Personaliced Chocolate Telelgram to send to friends or family or perhaps buy a license and set up your own ChocoSpell business.

I'm really looking forward to the conference and hope to mingle and catch up with some of you there as well as taking new ideas on board...think I better book my train ticket!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

New Wedding Favours Video Summer 2010

Summer is nearly over although you wouldn't think it today as we have experienced lots of sunshine as I  loaded our most recent wedding favours video into You Tube.

A wonderful reminder for me and all our lovely wedding couples of the chocolate favours they shared with their friends and family.

This has to be my most favourite video production to date although I wish had done something with my hair and added a little make up for the occasion!

Enjoy x

Monday, 30 August 2010

Nutella Pancakes

When I read on Twitter that my friend NotSoSingleMum was organising a Nutella Carnival I had to take a detour on the way home to pick some up!

I just love Nutella and thought I would rise to the challenge. My kids love making pancakes so this proved to be a relatively easy choice to occupy them on a Sunday morning with just a little stress thrown in for good measure!

Stress I hear you say surely not, afraid my dear 6 yo daughter helped weigh, mix, pour and spoon delicious Nutella and toss the pancakes. But when asked to pose for the photos she flatly refused saying " I don't want you to put my picture on Facebook, your going to put it on Facebook!" I was mortified I tried to reassure her to no avail... will she be shy of Facebook when she's older?

So one of my boys stepped in for the photo.

Here's the recipe why not give it a go...makes about 6 pancakes double the quantities for a hungry family!

Nutella 2 Tablespoons

2 Eggs

4 oz Plain Flour
3 fl ozWater

7 fl oz Milk

2oz Melted Butter

  • Put flour in bowl add eggs and mix.

  • Combine water & milk gradually pour into mixture and mix together a little at a time - be careful to make sure there are no lumps...

  • Add 1 tablespoon of melted butter & use the rest to cook the pancakes with.

  • Add 2 tablespoons of melted Nutella to the mix

  • Use a little melted butter to fry each pancake on a medium heat. When it starts to bubble & rise it is time to toss them & cook the other side!

  • Serve with melted Nutella either inside before rolling or & drizzled over the top. We didn't have any icecream but add your choice for a decadent breakfast or dessert.
No holding back once the pancakes were ready, we had 2 pans on the go and Nutella Pancakes with extra Nutella and sugar were a big hit!

    Enjoy :-)

    Monday, 19 July 2010

    Organic Fairtrade Chocolate now on our site!

    Finally after a few months of hard work, sourcing, costing tasting of course and  redesigning our web pages (all by myself)..... our chocolate

    I am really excited to be able to tell you that delicious Organic Fairtrade Belgian recipe Chocolate is now available on our site 

    It is lovingly hand made by our Chocolatier Trish and we hand wrap the wrappers for each chocolate bar - not some mean feat I can tell you especially the mini 10 gram bars!

    We offer a supplement on top of our usual 35 gram standard bars of just 40 pence per bar for those of you with discerning tastes!

    Or how about our new ChocoSpell product?

      A designer gift box made up of 33 x 10 gram individual chocolates wrapped with your own sweet personalised message for just £24.95 per box delivered in the UK. 

    These are all hand wrapped and hand made Organic Fairtrade Chocolates and come in either Milk or Plain chocolate, with your own colour and personal message of your choice.

    Monday, 12 July 2010

    Busy humid day here at Say it with Chocolate

    Had one of our busiest printing and wrapping days so far...over 500 chocolate bars sat in boxes on the floor at one point and still more to go but think it is time for bed very soon as the witching hour has long passed!

    Glad my children were at school their little eyes would have been on stalks!

    Here's a couple of our smaller birthday orders ready for special parties at the weekend...

    Glad to say that non of our chocolate has melted but we're sure it won't be hanging around for long once those lucky people get their hands on it.

    Why not let us design special birthday chocolates for your party?

    Friday, 9 July 2010

    Is my siwchooclate blog the last for CyberMummy 2010 ?

    Well where to start....I am almost, yes almost lost for words!

    I was so looking forward to meeting and chatting with my fellow CyberMummy's that  with all the chaos leading up to it all I managed to lose my voice. However not to miss out I did try and catch up with some of you over my clipboard and I'm so glad I did!

    I can now shout today and want to shout out to:

    Sian at MummyTips
    Jennifer at AlphaMummy
    Susanna at A Modern Mummy

    Who organised and achieved an inspiring day for us all - THANK YOU!

    To single mummy net and not so single mum who helped me find my way to CyberMummy in the morning without getting lost in London for the day.

    Sarah at Maison Cupcake for her delicious oat flapjacks courtesy of  

    Maggy at RedTedArt for letting me show off her artwork on our chocolate bars and who gave me a wonderful no sew lavender sachet that helps me sleep really well

    and who is kindly passing on one of our new Organic Fairtrade Chocolates to 
    Ali at GreenBaby who couldn't make it!

    Ali at Motivating Mum reminded me of what being a mummy is all about....
    breastfeeding and sharing your little bundle of joy with those older mummies who had nearly forgotten what it is like to nurture a gorgeous newborn little bundle!

    Big shout out for all the sponsors and those fabulous goody bags, the contents of 
    which have been fairly distributed and gratefully received throughout my baby networking world.

    When can we sign up for next year...? 

    Thanks once again for a fabulous conference and get together.....

    Bring it on CyberMummy 2011  

     Ps nearly forgot a final mention to the one and only brave Daddy blogger of bringing up Charlie fame aka Dotterel whose presence was not missed and whose writing course I still need to finish!

    Wednesday, 7 July 2010

    School Leavers Chocolate Order Delivered

    This is the best bit finalising our Wedding and Bespoke School Leavers orders and show off a few. I just love taking the photos of the final product and sending our clients a photograph in case you forget to take one we will do this for you so you can keep it in your album as reminder of how good they looked.  

    We are sure these will make a lasting reminder of days gone by if they are kept for a keepsake once the delicious milk chocolate has long gone!

    Here are some of our recent orders...

    and another one don't they look great!

    We will posting up lots more wedding favours  as soon as we can get them all wrapped and delivered so watch this space.

    Tuesday, 22 June 2010

    CyberMummy is coming I am really here...

    Carly at Mummy’s Shoes decided to try and get all of us CyberMummy's to show our real faces before the big day. I normally hide behind my logo but have ventured out recently just for the CyberMummy occasion!

     Self portrait without make up - looking dishrevelled today as spent one of the hottest days of the year in sunny Orpington at my home office desk.

    Do check us all out if you haven't already, I did wonder if I should wear one our wonderful Say it with Chocolate Hen Night Sashes with a pair of stillettos and a bunny outfit but I am not that brave and my post 3 kids body is definitely on the tired side now :-( 

    So no doubt I will just fall into my jeans and an easy top maybe even the one in this picture then I would be easy to spot. Along with one of a few pairs of fit flops so I don't suffer on the way home... well not quite home going to travel or stagger back to Wimbledon with @RedTedArt along with any others who want to tag along and then onto my sisters can't wait... bring it on!

    Name:  Emma Burford or Em for short ...
    Blog:   Say it with Chocolate Blog (
    if I ever add anything to it a Wordpress blog (
    Twitter ID:   AKA siwchocolate
    Height:   5ft 5
    Weight: Size 14 guess that covers a multitude of sins!
    Hair:   Ooo going to get it cut but boring brown with highlights no grey even at 43...
    Eyes:  Blue no glasses yet although I think I need them soon...
    Likes:   Chocolate of course favourite currently is Milka Daim chocolate bar yummy or Caramac or Lindor of course, love White South African or Californian Chardonnay and 
    G & T's, Design in any shape or form and my Garden although Hubby does most of the hard work I like to potter. Having fun with my Friends, enjoy Networking and SEO Marketing and Travel as worked in the industry for many years pre children and looking forward to a serious travel hobby again when my 3 beautiful chicks fly the nest!

    Happy Birthday Paul & James

    Hope you had a roaring 7th Birthday James
    and Daddy enjoyed his Special 40th bar Mummy asked us to make... 


    Why don't you choose a special Birthday Design
    for the special people in your life!

    Have you heard about ChocChick ?

    Do you have or know anyone with an allergen to Chocolate?

    We are always being asked for non dairy, gluten free chocolate and so think this site is super cool and definitely worth a mention on our blog. you can enjoy delicious and healthy chocolates that are dairy free, gluten free, egg, soya and additive free!

    Great for those with allergens who want to make their own and even those who don't but you may like to give a special present to their loved ones.....

    If you would like us to produce a wrapper with the correct ingredients list we would be more than happy to do this for you at no extra charge on your normal order. 

    Say it with Chocolate - 'A Bespoke Chocolate Wrapper'
    check out their site ChocChick and give it a try!

    Thursday, 10 June 2010

    Interesting Chocolate may give you Depression?

    Do have a look at this BBC News Article I just came across

    Chocolate may give you depression?

    Apparently the more chocolate you eat the more depressed you may get?

    I thought Chocolate was meant to lift your mood it certainly does for me..

    What do you think?

    Another Bespoke Chocolate Wedding Order on it's way!

    Just finished another unique wedding order today.

    This happy couple got married a week late due to the volcanic ash fall out! But it didn't stop them enjoying their wedding ceremony on the beach in Thailand and are now looking forward to celebrating with their family and friends this weekend at home.

    All of their guests will be receiving one of our Bespoke Chocolate Favours to eat and can keep the wrapper as a special memento...of the big day!

    Wednesday, 9 June 2010

    Come On England Chocolate Bars for Dad?

    Thought it was about time we got a little patriotic and supported the World Cup. Think my boys have been shouting about it over the last few weeks and only a couple of days left before the first official kick off!

    So if you are looking for a little chocolate for your Dad this Father's day 20th June there is still time to order a special Come on England bar we can add any message to the back of the bar so our super tasty chocolate bars are a winner for any footie fan!

    Tuesday, 8 June 2010

    New ChocoSpell Organic Fairtrade Belgian Milk Chocolate

    We are soon going to be able to offer Organic Fairtrade Belgian Milk Chocolate on our website for our more discerning customers!

    Why not order the perfect chocolate gift CHOCOSPELL and not only 'Say it with Chocolate' do excuse the pun....

    Let us add your message to our boxed 33 x 10 gram Hand Made & Wrapped Organic Fairtrade Belgian Chocolate bars.

    We will also be offering our bespoke wrapper designs with Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate coming soon ..... sooooo excited!

    Wednesday, 2 June 2010

    Unique Chocolate Gift Wrapped Order

    Thanks to Julie at Classic Events who kindly gave us permission to show off her little boy Edward jumping for joy....

    Doesn't this shot make you want to jump for joy!?

    We love receiving great professional images to add to our chocolate wrappers the quality is always so good.

    Why not send us your image or logo and we can create a special something just for your special event.

    Not only do they look good the best bit is they taste pretty good too!

    Tuesday, 1 June 2010


    Nice post from Hello Magazine staff writer regarding her final wedding dress fitting!

    Why not tell us about your wedding fitting or if you have not found the dress you are looking for why not try out our local Heading up the Aisle Boutique where you are sure to find something gorgeous to suit your taste!

    Wednesday, 26 May 2010

    Great Wedding Saving Site

    Have just come across this new site from and Saffron Building Society and Wedding Magazine aimed at saving for your big day, what a great idea....wish this had been around 13 years ago when I got married. Really easy to navigate and lots of tips do have a look.

    Another Happy Wedding Chocolate Favour Customer

    Thought it was about time I posted another testimonial on our blog. We're getting quite a few at the moment but we're so busy designing and wrapping for the current wedding season... I'm finding the testimonials hard to keep up with...which is GREAT thank you to all of you who take the time to reply... it just makes it even more worthwhile and certainly brings a smile to our faces!

    Dear Emma and Lily,

    Hope you are both well?

    We just wanted to send a quick email to say a huge thank you to you both for all your hard work and dedication into providing us with the wedding favours we had wished for.

    They were fantastic and linked well with our colours and theme. They were a success with all our guests as well.

    Thank you again and we will be definitely recommending Say it With Chocolate.

    I have attached a photo of our favour for you that was taken on our big day.

    Best wishes

    Liz and David Shafford

    Wednesday, 19 May 2010

    Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

    The Articles Boutique | Honeymoon in the Caribbean- Best Honeymoon Destinations

    Honeymoon in the Caribbean- Best Honeymoon Destinations


    The Caribbean is one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in the world. Out of all the different places which make up the Caribbean you will be ready to have whatever sort of honeymoon you desire.

    Whether or not it is spending all day relaxing on the beach, golfing, intense water sports or simply an isolated getaway where you are the only 2 people around. The Caribbean has something for everybody.

    I have come up with the top 5 places to Honeymoon in the Caribbean.

    1. Cancun
    On Mexico's Eastern coastline Cancun is thought of by many as the premier honeymoon destination, simply because it has it all. You can swim all day at one of the many beaches, play golf in some of the best golf courses, shop to your heart's content and then live it up at night in one of the numerous clubs.

    2. Punta Cana
    On the eastern side of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana has beaches coated with coconut trees giving it the nickname the Coconut Coast. If you are looking for a laid back relaxing beach honeymoon, this is the location for you.

    3. Antigua
    With almost 400 beaches, Antigua is surely a place for the sun loving water babies. The beaches are mostly protected from the wind from the island itself, so you can enjoy swimming in the wonderfully clear waters and sunbathing in the eggshell white sand all day long.

    4. The Bahamas
    With approximately seven hundred different islands varying in sizes The Bahamas make a particularly flexible honeymoon destination. The biggest island is Grand Bahama Island that has several all inclusive resorts or you can stay on one of many other islands including Nassau or Paradise Island. The neatest thing about the Bahamas is the fact it's so straightforward to travel to from anywhere in the USA.

    5. Jamaica
    Likely one of the most cheap islands in the Caribbean ; Jamaica is widely known for Reggae, rum and jerk chicken. But there's so very much more to this pretty island. In size Jamaica is the third largest in the Caribbean and they talk English so you do not have to fret about translation issues. With a climate that's perfect year round Jamaica has it all.

    Caribbean Honeymoons are a great option, but there are plenty of other places to choose from. Check out my website, Honeymoon Nation for honeymoon ideas, blogs, forums, pictures, videos and more.

    You may also want to check out Planning the Honeymoon-How to Make Your Dream Honeymoon Happen or Straightforward Guide for a Relaxing Honeymoon

    Jane Atkins is the creator of, the #1 site on the web for Honeymoon Ideas. Check out Honeymoon blogs forums, pictures,videos and more.

    Caribbean Wedding: Wedding Planner and Organizer | The Articles Boutique 

    Oooh to be able to have a Caribbean Honeymoon....

    Caribbean Wedding: Wedding Planner and Organizer | The Articles Boutique

    Tuesday, 18 May 2010

    Fundraising Chocolate Raffle Prizes

    Have been putting together a couple of raffle prizes today as we are doing our bit for 2 of our favourite charities...

    1 For the NSPCC Baby P Tribute Fund who are holding a charity event at New Road FC on the 29th May do check out their cause.

    2. Supporting Taylor Stephens Karaoke Catwalk in Aid of Breast Cancer Research Campaign at the Sidcup Rugby Club 12th June at Sidcup Rigby Club, Sydney Road, DA14 6RA tickets are £6.00 on the door and include a single shot drink and a raffle ticket.

    8pm - doors open 8.15pm catwalk show starts
    8.45pm – interval 8.55p – catwalk second half
    10.15pm - raffle drawn 10.30pm - Karaoke kicks off
    Midnight - event ends

    Do come and join in if you can it will be a fun evening!

    Sunday, 16 May 2010

    Fantastic night at The Glitter Pot

    Had a fun girlie night at The Glitter Pot Ladies Pamper Evening on Friday at The Highway School. It was really well organised well done Louise and Kerrie, love the men in tuxedo's just wondered if they may have been going to offer The Full Monty... but sadly they were only the rather smartly dressed barman, nice touch though.

    But on a more serious note we met some great ladies especially Rachel of Magpie Glass do have a look at her handmade glass jewellery as it is absolutely fantastic!

    Our Father's Day bars were also a hit, don't forget it's on the 20th June just a month away... so do check out our online shop for our special personalised Dad's Chocolate Bars.

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010

    Say it with Chocolate sponsored The May Ball Chocolates

    Just showing off the chocolates designed by Lily for the Farrington School May Ball last Saturday.

    Jackie said ' Thank you the chocolates were a big hit! The headmistress loved them, as did many of the parents, so I am sure you will be getting some calls soon'

    The prom season is fast approaching so if you are looking for something different for your ball do get in touch and we can work on a special chocolate wrapper for you.

    Sunday, 9 May 2010

    Another chocolate order delivered!

    It's been another busy week here at Say it with Chocolate. The wedding season is upon us lots of new wedding orders with a sprinkling of other occasions thrown in for good measure...

    This is one order that was well received 'People were impressed with your choc bar wrappers yesterday at Maddie's party' make your birthday party bags stand out with one of our fun designs and we will add your own personal thank you message to the back of the wrapper!

    Thursday, 6 May 2010

    My favourite Chocolate Birthday Card

    It was my birthday recently so I thought I would share a snapshot I took of my favourite birthday card. This particular card was posted to me by a very special longstanding school friend, I cannot divulge how long I have known her but she knows me very well!

    In case you cannot make out the writing on the card it reads SAVE THE EARTH, IT'S THE ONLY PLANET WITH CHOCOLATE and if I didn't love my friend I might just think she thought the little piggy was me...

    I would also like to quote from a little book of Chocoholic's quotations she once gave me 'Never eat more than you can lift.' Miss Piggy's Guide to Life I thought this was particularly apt.

    Friday, 30 April 2010

    Venue for #Weddings #Christenings #Birthdays

    Just checked out The Lounge Chislehurst BR7 6DG 0208 295 1888

    Family fun in Chislehurst this Saturday & Sunday... and every weekend between May- September

    The little lounge is an amazing day out for children which cannot be found locally and unbelievably it's FREE. The huge outdoor garden area has been transformed in to a magical world, now called The Little Lounge (suitable for under 12's)

    Massive adventure playground, bouncy castle, entertainers 'Funky Chicks' and other activities.

    The lounge is also available for baby showers, christenings, birthdays and celebrations!

    Thursday, 1 April 2010

    New Video just for Easter Personalised Chocolate & Ribbons

    Just a very quick new blog post, just uploaded our new video onto uTube
    just in time for Easter.

    Off to Centerparcs tomorrow for daughters 6th Birthday so better get to bed now! Enjoy..... happy Easter egg hunting... Emma x

    Friday, 26 March 2010

    Testimonoial for last minute chocolate wedding favours

    We met a lovely couple at the Best Brides Lingfield fair who loved our chocolate so much but were getting married the next week. 'No problem' we said and turned their order around within 3 days!

    Just received a little note from the Happy Bride & Groom sent to us the day before their wedding day, which has brought a smile to my face :-)

    " To Emma & Lily, Just a little note to say Thank You for doing our order so quick, they were perfect. Thanks again from Paul & Michelle xx