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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

CyberMummy is coming I am really here...

Carly at Mummy’s Shoes decided to try and get all of us CyberMummy's to show our real faces before the big day. I normally hide behind my logo but have ventured out recently just for the CyberMummy occasion!

 Self portrait without make up - looking dishrevelled today as spent one of the hottest days of the year in sunny Orpington at my home office desk.

Do check us all out if you haven't already, I did wonder if I should wear one our wonderful Say it with Chocolate Hen Night Sashes with a pair of stillettos and a bunny outfit but I am not that brave and my post 3 kids body is definitely on the tired side now :-( 

So no doubt I will just fall into my jeans and an easy top maybe even the one in this picture then I would be easy to spot. Along with one of a few pairs of fit flops so I don't suffer on the way home... well not quite home going to travel or stagger back to Wimbledon with @RedTedArt along with any others who want to tag along and then onto my sisters can't wait... bring it on!

Name:  Emma Burford or Em for short ...
Blog:   Say it with Chocolate Blog (
if I ever add anything to it a Wordpress blog (
Twitter ID:   AKA siwchocolate
Height:   5ft 5
Weight: Size 14 guess that covers a multitude of sins!
Hair:   Ooo going to get it cut but boring brown with highlights no grey even at 43...
Eyes:  Blue no glasses yet although I think I need them soon...
Likes:   Chocolate of course favourite currently is Milka Daim chocolate bar yummy or Caramac or Lindor of course, love White South African or Californian Chardonnay and 
G & T's, Design in any shape or form and my Garden although Hubby does most of the hard work I like to potter. Having fun with my Friends, enjoy Networking and SEO Marketing and Travel as worked in the industry for many years pre children and looking forward to a serious travel hobby again when my 3 beautiful chicks fly the nest!


  1. Hi

    Well done for venturing out from behind the logo...I have but debating hiding back behind it again!
    I'm off to Cybermummy as well so I will hopefully now recognise you.

  2. Chocolate chocolate everywhere. Your site reminds me of a good quality dark chocolate bar. I will look out for you.

  3. great photo! Ilove seeing 'the real' person behind it all. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message. It's so nice to connect with others . . . .I will be back.