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Friday, 9 July 2010

Is my siwchooclate blog the last for CyberMummy 2010 ?

Well where to start....I am almost, yes almost lost for words!

I was so looking forward to meeting and chatting with my fellow CyberMummy's that  with all the chaos leading up to it all I managed to lose my voice. However not to miss out I did try and catch up with some of you over my clipboard and I'm so glad I did!

I can now shout today and want to shout out to:

Sian at MummyTips
Jennifer at AlphaMummy
Susanna at A Modern Mummy

Who organised and achieved an inspiring day for us all - THANK YOU!

To single mummy net and not so single mum who helped me find my way to CyberMummy in the morning without getting lost in London for the day.

Sarah at Maison Cupcake for her delicious oat flapjacks courtesy of  

Maggy at RedTedArt for letting me show off her artwork on our chocolate bars and who gave me a wonderful no sew lavender sachet that helps me sleep really well

and who is kindly passing on one of our new Organic Fairtrade Chocolates to 
Ali at GreenBaby who couldn't make it!

Ali at Motivating Mum reminded me of what being a mummy is all about....
breastfeeding and sharing your little bundle of joy with those older mummies who had nearly forgotten what it is like to nurture a gorgeous newborn little bundle!

Big shout out for all the sponsors and those fabulous goody bags, the contents of 
which have been fairly distributed and gratefully received throughout my baby networking world.

When can we sign up for next year...? 

Thanks once again for a fabulous conference and get together.....

Bring it on CyberMummy 2011  

 Ps nearly forgot a final mention to the one and only brave Daddy blogger of bringing up Charlie fame aka Dotterel whose presence was not missed and whose writing course I still need to finish!


  1. Was an awesome day and lovely to meet you at Victoria before we arrived! Kind of lost you somwehere along the day and sounds like you did lots of buisness networking! :D

    Cant wait for the next one! :D

  2. You too gonna book as soon as a date is set.. catch up with you again soon... x