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Saturday, 13 November 2010

What an eventful week!

What a broken week it's been for me... 
 It started off with my 11 yo accidentally breaking the glass in my front door

Then our printer decided it wasn't going to talk to my Mac or Laptop so my husband had to give it a good talking too and now they are speaking to each other again :-) 

On Thursday my oven didn't like what I was cooking and set fire to itself... a very scary moment as flames shouted out but fortunately I remembered that flames need oxygen so I switch it off and closed the door! We had a few scary minutes while they died down luckily apart from a new element it all seems ok. 

My Mum was due to fly back from Lanzarote on Thursday the day of the awful winds 
but her airplane broke down, so my babysitter for Friday evening was not going to make it aaahhhh. 

On Friday morning my husband took our 11yo to the bus stop for school and got a blow out and so came home to borrow my car to get to work for the day.... 

 Lily holding the fort at the Christ church pamper and shopping evening in Chislehurst...
she saved the day and managed to organise her family and get to Christ Church for our fair and set up all on her own. Finally when I got my car back I was able to join her for the end of a very successful fair.

So my week really has been all broken!

These are our new ChocoSpell organic fairtrade Gift boxes which were loved by all...


  1. Well you've made me feel better about my last couple of week, LOL! Thanks for entering the blog carnival!

  2. Ahh thanks Helen, glad it made you feel better.. at the time things always seem worse than they really are but did feel i was in a comic sketch that week!